Canton Five Barrel | 5 Year Air-Seasoned Wood

5 Year Open Air-Seasoned Oak

Five elements make a Canton Five barrel:

Origin – We start with oak harvested from one specific forest region that grows the quality of oak required

Time – Only slow growth trees provide the extra-tight grain required – at least ten growth rings per inch

Science – Our proprietary technology ensures selecting only oak with maximum anti-oxidant potential

Climate – Five years of open-air seasoning in our Kentucky yard weathers the oak to contribute elegance and complexity

Patience – Our Master Cooper created the barrel design and crafting techniques required to work with oak this character

Introducing the Canton Five

The Canton Five is the finest American Oak barrel we have created. The elements of the Canton Five uniquely brings depth, texture and complexity to high-end red blends with total subtlety that never over shadows the fruit. Freshness and ethereal characteristics of the fruit are faithfully preserved by the high anti-oxidant capacity of the oak. The extra-tight grain, hand selected for premium quality, contributes complexity and length to the finish.


Available only in 225L
with Proprietary Canton Five Toast